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Patient Testimonials

Real Motion understands that positive patient testimonials can make new patients feel more at ease when booking an appointment. Word of mouth referrals are always great. But, if you are being the guinea pig for your friends and family then hopefully these patient testimonials will help.

Here are a few examples of happy patient testimonials!


As someone who had stayed relatively injury free in the past, I was a bit skeptical of the benefits of going to a sports therapist when I first injured my hamstring. However, after nearly two months of seeing very little improvement, I finally took the plunge and booked an appointment. After the very first session I could already see an improvement, giving me the confidence and reassurance that I would make a full recovery.

Rhea was a consummate professional throughout my injury and with her help & support I am now back to full fitness. Her constant guidance, positivity and approachable attitude was of great help. I definitely felt in safe hands and would wholehearted recommend Real Motion to anyone looking at having a sports massage or who is currently troubled by injury.


After trying all other kinds of treatment from Chiropractor to osteopath I was still suffering with severe pain in my back/neck. On arrival at my first appointment Rhea duly noted my (actual) cry for help… over a year later, I do not suffer anymore. The treatment programme that Rhea agreed and set up with my was sympathetic to my budget and my pain. I still go to see Rhea to keep an eye on things and to be honest, who doesn’t like a deep tissue massage?? But with regards to my issues the pain is so much more controlled I have a new lease of life!

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