Sports Therapy and Pilates

Sports Massage

Why Sports Massage?

Real Motion believes sports massage is an integral part of the recovery process. Therefore, using it alongside joint mobilisations, and the prescription of rehabilitation and functional exercise ensures a holistic approach to recovery. As a result this gives the best chance of a full return to optimal functional fitness.

Sports massage is a fantastic stand alone treatment for injury free patients who regularly train for sports or workout in the gym. Therefore, a regular massage treatment can help identify any niggles that may be forming and rectify them before they develop into an injury. A massage treatment should be a part of any active patients training plan, ideal as a rest day treat!

Sports massage has many known benefits:

  • Increased muscle blood flow.
  • Raised muscle temperature.
  • Increased lymph flow and removal of toxins from the muscles.
  • Breaks down adhesions and scar tissue which build up over time causing tension.
  • Relieves muscular pain.
  • Prepares for a competition or race physiologically and psychologically.
  • Positive sense of well-being, relaxation and lowered stress levels.
  • Improved sleep patterns.
  • Heightened body awareness of how muscles should feel – not how we have got used to them feeling!

East Grinstead, Westerham, Croydon…..

These are a few of the areas I cover with home based appointments offering Sports Massage.  I just need space for the portable massage table! Alternatively, I am located at The Walled Garden in Hildenborough, Tonbridge on a Thursday.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book in today for a sports massage and ease those aches and pains!