Living with Ankylosing Spondylitis

    Raising awareness for Ankylosing Spondylitis is important to me because a very close friend lives with it daily, and I’ve followed her story for many years. In fact, throughout our 21 years of friendship I have never known her not to have back pain. I hope this blog, written alongside Lisa’s personal account, Continue reading »

Will Exercise Help My Headache?

“Will exercise help my headache?” is a common search question on search engines. Headaches can be incredibly debilitating and the thought of starting an exercise session with a pounding head can be off putting. But the right form of exercise could help to relieve that pounding, throbbing headache and make you feel better. A headache Continue reading »

The Benefits of Dark Chocolate….and How Much is Too Much?!

With Easter around the corner I thought I’d look at Dark Chocolate, its health benefits, nutritional content, and how we can incorporate it into a healthier lifestyle with some snack ideas. What is Dark Chocolate? Dark chocolate is the richest variety of chocolate you can buy. It is often bitter to taste due to its Continue reading »

Skiing and Pilates – Be Strong on the Slopes!

Can Pilates Help Improve My Skiing? There are some things that you can’t control on the ski slopes. Things like the weather, visibility, how much snow there is, or other skiers! But thankfully you can control your own preparation with a pre-ski strength programme to ensure you feel strong, confident and have fun. 3 major Continue reading »

How Can Pilates Help My Running?

As a Sports Therapist and Pilates Instructor I often hear the phrase “I’m a runner, that’s enough. I don’t need to do any strengthening work” And I’m guilty of following this approach myself with my triathlon training. But after recurrent back, glute and hamstring niggles I realised there was something missing from my training programme….. Continue reading »

Top Tips for Getting to the Start Line Injury Free

With marathon season fast approaching I’m being asked how to cope with the increase in mileage and the demands of training. Here is an insight into the behind the scenes work that goes into getting to the start line of any race injury and niggle free. Listen to Your Body: Listening to your body is Continue reading »